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Video: How To Cut A Cigar – Cigars San Diego

Welcome to all beginner cigar smokers. In this video, Certified Tobacconist Rami Abbouna will explain the procedure for properly cutting a cigar.

Types of Cigar Cuts

Rami first shows us the three main types of cigar cuts and the tools needed to do the job:

  • Straight Cut
  • V-Cut
  • Cigar Punch

Anatomy of a Cigar

Next, he explains the different parts of the cigar, such as:

  • the Cigar Cap
  • the Cigar Shoulder
  • the Cigar Head
  • the Cigar Foot
  • and the Cigar Body.

The Perfect Cut

Rami then demonstrates how to make the “Perfect Cut” using a double-blade Xikar straight cutter, and also details how not to make a cut (aka: the “Amateur Cut” where the entire cap is cut off of the cigar, which will eventually lead to your cigar’s outmost wrapper unravelling during smoking).

Cigar Punch and V-Cut

Next, he demonstrates how to use a cigar punch without cracking your cigar, and finally he shows us the simple yet effective v-cut. Please note, you cannot effectively punch or v-cut a pyramid or torpedo shaped cigar.

The Draw Test

Rami also discusses how to test if your cigar is drawing air properly before lighting your cigar so that you can pull a comfortable puff of smoke from your cigar every time.

Thank you for watching. Please comment below and let us know your favorite method for cutting a cigar, and stay tuned for more cigar tutorial videos from Smoker’s Land in San Diego! Subscribe to our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/cigarsmokersland for more cigar tutorial videos!

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