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Padron Cigar

Padron cigarsWe are proud to be an authorized dealer of the Padron cigar. Please check out our wide selection of Padron cigars, especially the Padron Anversario 1964, 1926 serie 40th and 80th Aniversaries, as well as the 45th Family Reserve.

Padrón Series

There are fifteen vitolas in the Padrón series. Each is available in a natural and a maduro wrapper. With the exception of the Corticos, the band for all of the vitolas is brown with “Padrón” and “Handmade” in white lettering. The wrapper, filler, and binder leaves are all sun-grown habano from Nicaragua, aged two-and-one-half years.

Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series

In 1994, Padrón introduced the 1964 Anniversary Series, in celebration of the company’s 30-year anniversary. Like the regular Padrón series, these cigars are made entirely from Nigaraguan-grown tobacco, and are available in both natural and maduro wrappers. The series is limited in its production. To assure authenticity, the company labels each individual cigar with its own 6-digit serial number.

Padron 1926 Serie

The third and final cigar blend that Padrón offers is the Padrón 1926 Serie, created in 2002 in honor of Jose Padrón’s 75th Birthday. Consisting of 7 vitolas, each cigar features either a sun-grown habano natural or Maduro wrapper, and contains Nicaraguan tobacco aged for no less than five years. Just like the Padrón 1964 Anniversary blend, the Padrón 1926 Serie is box pressed and has 6 digit security codes on their bands to ensure against counterfeiting.

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