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Padron 45th Anniversary

2009 Cigar of the Year Cigar Aficianado Padron Family Reserve 45th Maduro – Rated 2009 Cigar of the Year from Cigar Aficionado and rightfully so.

The family-owned company has unveiled the Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro, a six inch long, 52 ring gauge box pressed cigar made from very old Nicaraguan tobaccos. Padron Anniversary 45th Family Reserve Maduro Cigars are a must have if you can find them!

Which Anniversario is the Best?

Some may argue that the Padron 1926 45th Anniversary in either wrapper is the finest cigar that Padron makes. Others will argue for the 80th Anniversary. The Padron Anniversary 45th Family Reserve Maduro is made with the same quality of tobacco as its perfecto brother.

All the tobacco in the construction of this cigar is five years old. At 6 1/2 inches long and 52 ring gauge the Padron 45th Anniversary is perfectly constructed by the best rollers in the Villazon factory.

Some of the flavors of this cigar are spice, charred earth, wood, leather, and cocoa. This cigar has a dry smoke and a creamy finish that will leave you chewing hours later.

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