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Hooch Herbal Snuff Tobacco Available Exclusively at Smoker’s Land San Diego

Hooch Herbal Snuff San DiegoSmoker’s Land is proud to carry the Chattahoochee line of Herbal Snuff Tobacco. We are the only retailer in California to carry this innovative product. We carry every Hooch Tobacco flavor: Wintergreen, Cherry, Classic, Mint and Spitfire. Stop by our shop and try it today, we think you will be delighted by the unique blend of ingredients that gives this herbal snuff the look and feel of real tobacco. It even packs like real tobacco. Hooch Snuff is simply the best herbal snuff available today!

About Hooch Herbal Snuff

When trying to quit using tobacco, the inventor of Hooch Snuff tried every herbal snuff product on the market.  After wasting his time on that, he started looking for other ingredients that could be used to provide the same feel, taste and texture as the tobacco products. He spent two years perfecting the recipe and process to provide the best tobacco free, nicotine free snuff on the market. The end result is Hooch Snuff.

  • It isn’t sticky or gritty like other herbal snuff products on the market.
  • It packs better than all the other herbal snuff products and doesn’t leave brown molasses on your fingers.
  • It is soft and doesn’t have hard clumps to aggrevate your gums.
  • And best of all it doesn’t contain tobacco or nicotine, so there are no adverse health risks.

Try some Hooch Snuff today. Visit the Hooch Snuff website for more information.

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  1. William Shaver says:

    Just to throw my two cents worth in here on the Hooch. The Hooch is a great product. The Wintergreen and Mint are both excellent & long lasting. The Cherry is excellent though the flavor fades quite rapidly. The Classic is my choice and it taste quite good. It will not be flavor packed as long as tobacco treated with a bunch of chemicals etc but this is good stuff.

    I have developed a way to add coffee flavor to my Classic. Empty a tea bag, pour in your favorite blend of coffee or just use coffee beans freely unbagged, Make a little room in the can, put them in and close the lid. Shake the tin several times over the next few hours and man alive. When you put that dip in your mouth, the first one will simply be devine. It will hold the flavor well though you can leave the beans or bag in the can if you would like. That ensures as the product begins to get low, the product that remains will develop better flavor as it can absorb more of the aroma feeding off of the coffee material easier.

    Just my thoughts. I have not tried the Spitfire. I might. But I’m happy with the Classic.

  2. does the classic taste like copenhagen finecut/ long cut. I bought some smokey mountain classic and it was sweet and taste like crap it taste more like straight snuff. I dip grizzley finecut or copenhagen long cut wich are not sweet at all. thanks

  3. There are two flavor that will be close in flavor to Copenhagen (classic and spitfire) the spitfire will have little of a spicy flavor from Tobasco I hope you will like them

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