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Welcome to all beginner cigar smokers. In this video, Certified Tobacconist Rami Abbouna will explain the procedure for properly cutting a cigar. Types of Cigar Cuts Rami first shows us the three main types of cigar cuts and the tools needed to do the job: Straight Cut V-Cut Cigar Punch Anatomy of a Cigar Next, he explains the different parts of the cigar, such as: the Cigar Cap the Cigar Shoulder the Cigar Head the Cigar Foot and the Cigar Body. The Perfect Cut Rami then demonstrates how to make the "Perfect Cut" using a double-blade Xikar straight cutter, and … [Read more...]

Xikar Cigar Accessories in San Diego

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Smoker's Land now offers a full lineup of Xikar Cigar Accessories in San Diego, CA. We are an authorized Xikar dealer and are committed to providing the best selection, pricing and service in town. Stop by and check out our Xikar display case filled with Xikar Lighters, Cutters, Cigar Cases, Humidification and more. You won't be disappointed! About Xikar Cigar Accessories XIKAR's Mission is to Serve Great Products! XIKAR is dedicated to providing value to consumers through unique, artful cutlery at a fair price. XIKAR will provide these products through honest and … [Read more...]