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Smoker’s Land Receives CRT Tobacconist Certification

Certified Retail Tobacconist San DiegoSmoker’s Land is the ONLY Certified Retail Tobacconist in San Diego

Big news for cigar fans in San Diego! After many months of academic curriculum, apprenticeship and final exams, Smoker’s Land Owner Rami Abbouna has been awarded with the high honor of Tobacconist University’s Certified Retail Tobacconist. This means that not only will Smoker’s Land continue to meet all of your needs for cigars in San Diego, but we will have the expert staff of tobacconists who uphold the Tobacconist University Code of Ethics & Standards, Organizational Values & Principles, Certification Standards and more.

In addition to this great news, you will find that Smoker’s Land is the only Certified Retail Tobacconist in all of San Diego! Visit the following link to view our certification: Certified Retail Tobacconist  #1870

About Tobacconist University

Tobacconist University is the ultimate educational and certification organization for the luxury tobacco industry. Their mission is to set and achieve the highest standards possible, by certifying individuals and organizations with Tobacconist University Credentials. Tobacconist University Certification is the authentication of an individual or organization’s credentials. All certified people and entities have earned their respective credentials and have the right to use the Tobacconist University Certified Seal.

Tobacconist University Certificate

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