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Certified Retail Tobacconist in San DiegoWe are the ONLY Certified Retail Tobacconist in San Diego!

Smoker’s Land maintains a very wide variety of premium cigars from all over the world, including both the more popular brands as well as some unique selections rare to the San Diego area. Come visit our humidor and enjoy a quality, handmade cigar from our selection of brands listed below. As direct importers, we are able to carry hard-to-find cigars like the elusive Fuente Opus X.

We carry a complete selection of cigars including:

  • Tabak Especial Cigars
  • Tatiana Cigars
  • Torano Cigars
  • Trinidad Cigars
  • Baccarat Cigars
  • Brick House Cigars
  • Camacho Cigars
  • Don Diego Cigars
  • Factory Throwouts Cigars
  • Fonseca Cigars
  • Gurkha Cigars
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars
  • It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl Cigars
  • Joya de Nicaragua Cigars
  • La Aroma de Cuba Cigars
  • Partagas Cigars
  • Ashton Cigars
  • Perdomo Cigars
  • Acid Cigars
  • Zino Cigars
  • Avo Cigars
  • Punch Cigars
  • CAO Cigars
  • La Aurora Cigars
  • La Gloria Cigars
  • Nub Cigars
  • opus x
  • And Many Many More!

Don’t forget we also provide many other cigar and tobacco accessories.

XIKAR Cigar Accessories

Xikar Authorized DealerWe offer a wide selection of Xikar cigar cutters, lighters, humidification, cigar cases and more! Xikar cigar accessories are the finest in quality. They are dedicated to providing value to consumers through unique, artful cutlery at a fair price. Xikar stands behind its products through a lifetime total satisfaction warranty.

Check out our exclusive Xikar display case in the shop, and click to learn more about our Xikar accessories in San Diego.

Cigar Guides

Cigar Selection and Smoking can be a daunting task at first sight. But once you know the basics, it can be a fun and enjoyable hobby. Learn more from our Cigar Selection Guide and our Cigar Smoking Guide now.

Our Walk-In Humidor

Enjoy the new expansion of our walk-in humidor, which provides an even wider selection of fine cigars at the most affordable prices in San Diego. We keep our cigar humidor in a climate controlled environment so that your cigars are always humidified to perfection (70 relative humidity/70 temperature).

We proudly carry our own Smoker’s Land house cigars. With your cost starting as low as $4.49 per cigar, Smoker’s Land Cigars are handmade in Nicaragua by the same factory where many of the top rated premium cigars are made. Our house cigars are equally smoth, flavorful and well constructed. Choose from Natural Ecuadorian Habana Seed or Maduro Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers with Nicaraguan binders. The filler is a special blend of aged Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican long-filler tobaccos.

Photos of Our Owner and Cigar Humidor in San Diego

Cigar Guides

Choosing the right cigar and proper lighting and smoking can be a daunting task the first time. Learn more about it now with our Cigar Selection Guide and our Cigar Smoking Guide.