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We have one of the premier selections of pipes in the world. From Peterson pipes to Savinelli pipes and everything in between. We have the pipes you want at prices you can afford! We are an authorized and respected dealer of savinelli pipes. When cared for properly, your pipes will become favorite friends who will provide you years of relaxing enjoyment. We stock a variety of tobacco pipes and accessories such as:

  • Savinelli pipes
  • Dunhill Pipes
  • Peterson pipes
  • Davidoff Pipes
  • Corn Cob Pipe
  • Pipe Tobacco Tins
  • Pipe Tobacco Bulk
  • Pipe Stands
  • Pipe Ashtrays
  • Pipe Tampers
  • Pipe Cases
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pipe Filters
  • Briar & Stem Polish
  • Pipe Reamers

We also provide many other pipe and tobacco  accessories.

About The Tobacco Pipe

Pipe smoking is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable experiences that a person can enjoy. Smoking a pipe is a distinguished pleasure and you have chosen to join the elite few who call themselves pipe smokers. As such, always smoke your pipe with respect for others and observe proper smoking etiquette. There’s an almost infinite variety of pipe tobacco available, some of which may offend people around you, so consider the people around you when choosing your tobaccos, especially if you will be indoors. Most of all enjoy the pleasure and peace that smoking a good tobacco pipe can bring.

There are many methods that can be used to enhance the pipe smoking experience. To learn more about pipe tips, tricks and proper use, visit our Pipe Smoking Guide to learn more!

How not to burn it!

The following is the transcript of a pamphlet the late Achille Savinelli had produced many years ago as a guide on how not to burn a pipe.

“Dear Sir,

A major problem among pipe smokers seems to be how to avoid burning your pipe, and the most widely accepted solution is to take slow puffs and to slow down even further if the pipe gets too hot. But how can the pipe smoker – a novice perhaps -recognize when his pipe is too hot? The bowl of a lit pipe is always hot, and to establish exactly what temperature ‘too hot’ is without appropriate instruments is somewhat difficult. I resolved the problem in the following way:

The idea suggested itself to me from a visit I made to a mechanic to whom I had taken a car the transmission box of which tended to get ‘too hot’. ”Look”, he said, “all you have to do is put your hand on it and count slowly to six. If you can do this, then it is not ‘too hot’, but if you have to remove your hand, it means that something is wrong and you should stop the motor at once.”

The suggestion worked well and I thought of applying it to my pipes. I suggested it to a friend who had burnt several pipes by too fierce drawing. He belongs moreover to that category of pipe smokers which some called “smokers with armor-plated tongues”‘ meaning that what burns first is not the briar, but the tongue.

So here now is the mechanic’s system as applied to the pipe. When a pipe is being broken in, clasp it firmly with your hand from time to time and count slowly up to six. If you can do this, then carry on smoking in peace. If not, then stop until the pipe cools down sufficiently for you to continue.

This is not a long operation. Five to ten seconds usually suffice, and you won’t even have to relight your pipe. And even if the pipe does go out, there is no harm done. Light it again. I would claim that many pipe burns are caused by smokers who, afraid that their pipe might go out, draw too often and too hard. It is better to use a few more matches or a little more gas than to burn your pipe.

Haven’t you noticed that old smokers in general are those who let their pipes go out more frequently? The more softly you smoke, the fresher – and you derive a greater satisfaction from it. If you adopt “the mechanic’s system”, I can assure you that you will never again burn a pipe.”

Achille Savinelli

Pipe Smoking Guide

There are many methods that can be used to enhance the pipe smoking experience. To learn more about pipe tips, tricks and proper use, visit our Pipe Smoking Guide to learn more!