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General Snus – Swedens most popular Brand

Strong, elegant and revered – General is Sweden’s most popular snus brand. To create General, 22 types of tobacco are mixed and then topped with a drop of bergamot. A recipe that was developed in 1850 by a tobacco enthusiast, Johan Boman, in his personal search for tobacco perfection.The story of General begins with Johan Boman who had a passion for snus and believed he could make it better. And so Boman gathered tobacco from the finest harvests of eleven different countries. He spent over four years developing a recipe that could satisfy him.When General was finally born, its reputation spread. People from around Sweden came to Boman’s home, looking to buy a portion which he would serve in glass kitchen jars. What began as Boman’s own personal passion, soon evolved into Sweden’s favorite snus and he had no choice but to bring General to the market shelves.

General is now the largest snus brand on the market with twelve different products; Lös (Loose), Portion, Long, Mini, Portion Silver, White, Sterk, Ekstra Sterk and Onyx. All of them have the same unique flavor and are packaged in a distinctive General can.


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